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 The emotional driving experience with the GG Quad and GG Quadster are unique and helps to transform the drivers initial delight
 into a deep and abiding passion


 You want to experience it? A drivers-license is the only thing you need!

 First-class Swiss precision and quality
 "Developing something new means making dreams come true. Combining technology and design is our driving passion. The sources
 of our dreams are our visions, the limits of technology and above all the unbridled pleasure we take in driving."

 Excellence through competence
 GG Motorradtechnik GmbH in Ballwil outside Lucerne has been designing and building its own machines since 1985 and now sells
 them worldwide. The basis for most of their creations is BMW's reliable, future oriented motorbike technology. Highly qualified GG
 motorcycle specialists then develop their own components in technically and aesthetically sophisticated forms and manufacture them
 with the help of in-house CNC production centres.
 GG Motorradtechnik's proven expertise in the areas of development, design, production and assembly gives it a decisive edge and
 has helped it win new clients all over the world. For example, GG Motorradtechnik was tasked by BMW (Switzerland) AG with
 upgrading the Swiss army's entire new motorcycle fleet to meet the Army's specific requirements. The unique GG Quad as well as
 the GG Quadster are the logical extensions of the various motorcycles and other vehicles that GG Motorradtechnik has developed
 in the course of the past 20 years.

 High-precision technology in all details
 The chassis components were designed by experienced engineers using cutting-edge computer technology and constructed using
 proverbially high Swiss quality standards in the workshops of GG Motorradtechnik GmbH. Most of them are manufactured from highly
 stable aircraft aluminium. The high-performance CNC machines used to produce the parts guarantee a permanently high level of
 quality and precision. The GG Quad and the GG Quadster are works of art on 4 wheels as well as the optical view and also the
 technology on which they are based.

 Tried and tested safety and reliability
 Reliability and no-compromise functionality are the absolute prerequisites for unlimited driving pleasure. Each single component has
 demonstrated its strength and stability over thousands of kilometres and other endurance tests. The actively dynamic chassis keeps
 all four wheels on the ground even when cornering at high speed. The powerful brakes provide huge reserves and guarantee a
 shorter braking path than any car. This enormous safety potential generates confidence and increases driving pleasure.

 Special equipment to meet individual requirements
 The GG Quad and the GG Quadster are fully featured driving machines. If additional requirements do arise, we have developed a
 range of special equipment options that can be ordered in advance and built into the new vehicle.



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